The Design and Importance of Window Glazing Gaskets

Window gaskets are one of those things you don’t miss until it’s gone. They serve an important purpose in cars, windows, solar panels, industrial machines, military equipment, and more. These pieces are made of specially formed rubber materials and installed on stationary edges of glass. As with most specialized rubber parts, one size does not […]

What Goes into the Making of a Solar Panel?

Most consumers look at those solar panels on a home or on a huge solar farm and know that they’re somehow producing energy, but they don’t look much further than that to see everything that goes into making these devices. How are solar panels made? What are they made of? This technology has grown and […]

Why You Should Know the Capabilities of Your Plastic Extrusion Company

Before you partner with a plastic extrusion company, it’s important to understand exactly what they can do and how their products and services can support your current project. Plastic extrusion can produce an extremely wide variety of shapes, forms, and profiles, and you can secure a variety of colors, textures, hardness, and thicknesses. There is, […]

Importance of precision in auto manufacturing

The Importance of Precision in Car Making

Automobile manufacturers have a very serious responsibility. The products they put out on the market can directly impact the safety of the consumer who purchased it.  Of course, every manufacturer has a certain responsibility toward their customers, but this goes beyond slapping a label on the product that says: “Warning, contents are very hot.” If […]

solar and the environment

Do You Know How Solar Panel Construction Affects the Environment?

Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems have a lot of potential to provide sustainable, green energy. But nothing is perfect in this world, and it has to be said that there are also a number of potential negative impacts on the environment stemming from the manufacturing processes and disposal of old photovoltaics. The actual operation of PV […]

Essential Plastic & Rubber Uses in the Automotive Industry

Automobile manufacturers rely on quality components for every car or truck that goes out the door. While some of these parts may just be about added convenience, appearance, or efficiency, others are critical to the driver’s safety. In other words, no manufacturer can afford to cut corners with any of these parts. The automotive industry […]

A Closer Look at How Solar Impacts the Environment

Using radiant energy from sunlight has extensive benefits for communities, consumers and the environment. Of course, the availability and intensity of this energy will be different from place to place and at different times of the day – which has led some to question its overall usefulness as an alternative to traditional energy sources. As […]

8 uses for corsshead extrusion coating

8 Common Uses for Crosshead Extrusion Coating

Crosshead extrusion coating services are an important part of the manufacturing processes that involve metallic substrates (though it is possible to use with some types of fabrics or textiles) and is most often associated with cables and wiring. Simply put, it is the process by which certain components are reinforced or encapsulated with some form […]