Window Glazing Gaskets

At Clark Rubber & Plastic, we can create custom rubber window gaskets (weather stripping, glazing gaskets, etc.) that meet your requirements for long-lasting durability and reliable performance. These gaskets are simple-but-effective components for dry-mounting glass in both wood and metal frames that are fixed or operable.

Our team of experienced and dedicated professionals will work closely with you to produce the precision components you need to add the durability, safety, and energy efficiency required by your project. We can create custom extrusion profiles to deliver gaskets that are effective with practically every type of window.

Extruding Effective Rubber Window Gaskets

Our glazing gaskets are an effective tool for window installations because rubber has excellent resistance to weather while providing more cushioning for the glass than traditional glazing tapes. The glass rests between the two gaskets which reduces the risk of glass breakage from vibrations, wind stress, and thermal changes.

What this means is that your gaskets must be made from a rubber that is able to deal with all these conditions while still keeping air, water, and any other fluids from leaking past the window.

At Clark Rubber & Plastic, we have extensive experience with rubber extrusion process, and we utilize the most advanced technologies and techniques to ensure you get the highest level of precision on every project.

Producing Quality Components

In our high-tech facility, we have all the equipment required to manage multiple rubber extrusion techniques. We can provide co- and tri-extruding, which combines 2 or 3 materials with different properties and of varying color into a single cross section, or we can work directly with you to create a complete custom solution.

We can use a wide range of rubber materials to make sure that we are meeting your needs and producing the most effective and durable window glazing gaskets. We also maintain an  IATF16949:2016 First Edition certified quality assurance program to make sure that your parts will be exactly on specification.

While the most common application for these rubber gaskets is in residential homes or commercial buildings, this high level of quality and precision make them ideal for several other industries, too. The automotive industry, for example, regularly uses them in windshields and sunroofs. The military and solar industries also rely on these types of gaskets to support their critical projects.

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