Automotive Plastics and Rubber Components

Precisely manufactured automotive plastics and rubber components have a huge impact on the final performance of the machine. Reliable automotive rubber seals, gaskets, and other parts can affect the efficiency of the automobile, and you can meet the high demand and expectations in this industry when you work with a skilled and experienced manufacturing partner.

At Clark Rubber & Plastic, we forge long-term partnerships with our clients so you can work with a world-class rubber and plastics manufacturer on any project, no matter how large or small.

Driving Quality Results

Replacing metal components in a vehicle with lighter and reliable plastic or rubber increases the vehicle’s efficiency and provides several new design and manufacturing options. At Clark Rubber & Plastic we offer a range of services that we can tailor to your needs in the automotive industry.

  • Precision Die Cutting – We provide in-house tooling, punching, assembly, splicing, and more so you can get automotive die cuts that are ideal for gaskets, bumpers, structural components, and motor housings. Our staff of experts has the experience to provide the die cutting services that will ensure the final parts meet your very stringent tolerance requirements.
  • Precision Plastic Injection Molding – You can get injection molded products and components for any project size at nearly any level of complexity. Our technology and experienced specialists will ensure that you get consistent, quality products for every job. Our factories are set up to handle injection, insert, and overmolding processes, and we can consult with you to choose the materials that will meet the strength and durability requirements of your project.
  • Custom Rubber Molding – Our specialists understand the materials and technology required to deliver superior-quality injection, transfer, and compression automotive parts. We work with a wide range of rubber materials, including natural rubber, SBR, EPDM, neoprene, Viton® and others. The O-rings, gaskets, seals and other products are reliable options for transmissions, steering, AC systems, fuel pumps, and much more.
  • Rubber Extrusion and Plastic Extrusion – At Clark Rubber & Plastic, we can produce any profile or shape at the necessary thickness and density. The custom dies we use for the extraction process can ensure that you get the tubing you need for the air or fuel systems of the automobile.

Certified Professionals for Quality Automotive Products

These processes and technologies allow us to produce components that perform well in any situation. To ensure that all these parts comply with the most stringent safety requirements, we have received UL certification of compliance for QMFZ2.E356537 Plastics – Component.

At Clark Rubber & Plastic, we offer short lead times and fast turnarounds, and we have the operational flexibility to provide prototypes or short runs as necessary.

Contact us today to get the materials and components you need to complement your automotive manufacturing.