At Clark Rubber & Plastic, we have the tools and the team to effectively and efficiently mill metals and plastics to produce a wide range of custom components that fit the needs of your project.

We use our milling capabilities to create simple or complex shapes from high-end thermoplastics (or other plastics that have the necessary rigidity). This is a powerful way to produce quality components on large or small scales. And, since we don’t need to create special molds for every component, milling allows us to minimize your costs and still deliver high-quality, reliable parts.

Milling Capabilities for Plastics

Our state-of-the-art tools and experienced staff can handle highly complex parts and deliver the results you need for almost any project. We have a wide range of tooling capabilities, but we recommend milling when your product requires a smooth surface finish and optical clarity.

We offer both plastic milling and metal milling for your products, and at Clark Rubber & Plastic we will consistently deliver the precision and accuracy you expect on every part.

Plastics have a number of variables associated with them, compared to metal, but our specialists know how to account for them all and maintain the tight tolerances your parts need during and after the machining process.

We can deliver high-quality components for a wide range of applications and industries, from automotive and solar to military and consumer.

Get a Competitive Advantage

We are committed to working closely with our clients on every project, and our experienced specialists will help determine the specific needs of your project so we can immediately deliver the quality, reliability, and cost-effectiveness that you require.

We have been growing steadily since the early 70s, and we are constantly adding new products and services to our repertoire. Milling plastic and metal parts is one of our many specialties, and you can rely on our extensive experience and dedication to quality when you place your order.

Contact us today to work with an ISO/TS 16949:2009-certified company to get all the quality components you need.