6 Common Applications of Plastic Extrusion

Plastic extrusion is used to create continuous lengths of plastic products with a consistent cross-section. At Clark Rubber and Plastic, we offer extrusions that can be used in various applications and industries. Some suitable applications include solar, automotive, and appliances. Here are six common applications of this type of extrusion:

1. Solar Industry

Plastic extrusion plays a role in producing components like solar panel frames and encapsulation materials. Extruded plastics’ lightweight and durable nature can make them ideal for supporting solar modules. This promotes the solar device’s longevity and resistance to environmental elements. Our process allows companies to create customized profiles, enabling them to meet the specific design requirements of solar installations.

2. Automotive Sector

Extruded plastic manufacturing is applied in the automotive industry, as it contributes to the production of several automotive parts. Items like weather seals, gaskets, and interior trim components may use these extrusions. Vehicle tubing and hoses for fluid transfer systems also utilize extruded plastic. The manufactured parts offer resistance to chemicals, temperature variations, and UV exposure. This can increase durability in diverse automotive applications. At Clark Rubber and Plastic, we use extrusion to produce complex shapes and precise densities for the automotive sector.

3. Appliance Manufacturing

The appliance industry benefits from plastic extrusion in the production of components such as gaskets, seals, and handles. Extruded plastics provide insulation and sealing properties, enhancing the energy efficiency of appliances. The cost-effectiveness of the extrusion process allows us to produce high volumes of consistent parts. This can help us meet the demands of the appliance market while maintaining quality standards.

4. Construction Industry

Extruded plastic manufacturing is applied in the construction industry. The parts can be seen in windows, doors, and other architectural elements. Extruded plastics are versatile, enabling the production of weather-resistant and thermally efficient profiles. This can contribute to sustainable and energy-efficient building practices. The lightweight nature of extruded plastic components also simplifies installation processes, which may reduce overall construction time.

5. Medical Device Manufacturing

Plastic extrusion can be utilized to manufacture tubing, catheters, and various medical device components. The ability to use a wide range of medical-grade plastics helps make sure medical sectors are in compliance with specific regulatory requirements. The extrusion process also fosters complex and intricate profiles, meeting the particular needs of medical applications like microcatheters and guide wires.

6. Packaging Industry

In the packaging industry, companies can use plastic extrusion to help produce films, sheets, and other profiles used for packaging materials. The versatility of extruded plastics allows for the creation of packaging with varying thicknesses, barrier properties, and surface finishes. This adaptability makes plastic extrusion a suitable choice for developing packaging solutions that protect products, extend shelf life, and enhance visual appeal.

Plastic Extrusion

At Clark Rubber and Plastic, we use cutting-edge technology to create high-quality results in our extrusion processes. We can create a variety of profiles, forms, and shapes for your industry. Choose from varying hardnesses, thicknesses, textures, and colors. Contact us today to learn more about our extruded plastic manufacturing processes and applications.