Essential Plastic & Rubber Uses in the Automotive Industry

Automobile manufacturers rely on quality components for every car or truck that goes out the door. While some of these parts may just be about added convenience, appearance, or efficiency, others are critical to the driver’s safety. In other words, no manufacturer can afford to cut corners with any of these parts. The automotive industry […]

A Closer Look at How Solar Impacts the Environment

Using radiant energy from sunlight has extensive benefits for communities, consumers and the environment. Of course, the availability and intensity of this energy will be different from place to place and at different times of the day – which has led some to question its overall usefulness as an alternative to traditional energy sources. As […]

8 uses for corsshead extrusion coating

8 Common Uses for Crosshead Extrusion Coating

Crosshead extrusion coating services are an important part of the manufacturing processes that involve metallic substrates (though it is possible to use with some types of fabrics or textiles) and is most often associated with cables and wiring. Simply put, it is the process by which certain components are reinforced or encapsulated with some form […]

Industrial Cutting Blog Image (1)

Industrial Cutting Techniques for Plastics and Rubber Materials

There are several industrial cutting techniques that can be employed to produce a wide range of plastic and rubber pieces and components. Some of these methods are better for thicker materials, while others excel with thinner-gauge plastics. Some might be better for plastics, while others can be used on any material. Which one is right […]

Many Jobs Behind Your Appliances

The Many Jobs Behind Your Everyday Appliances

Have you ever gone to the refrigerator to procure your favorite refreshing beverage and then stopped to think about just how many jobs went into creating an appliance that makes refreshing-beverage procurement so very easy? We all understand on some level that a lot of work goes into all of our everyday appliances, but most […]

Rubber & Plastics for Military Applications

Working with the High-Compliance Needs of Military Applications

Military products and applications demand extremely high reliability and durability because of the likelihood that they will be put to the test in some very extreme environments. This means that military departments that design, develop, and otherwise work on these projects must source materials and parts from companies that understand and meet the established standards […]

Increasing Demand for Solar Power

The Increasing Demand for Solar Power Over the Years

Have you noticed more and more homes in your neighborhood covering their roofs with solar photovoltaic panels? What about the businesses or factories in the area? Have they started looking at alternative power sources to save money and meet industry regulations? Solar power continues to become more affordable and accessible in the United States, which […]

The History of Rubber

Rubber is a common material that most people are familiar with today. It is found in shoes, tires, fittings in machinery, plumbing parts, hoses, gaskets, and so much more. But when was this product discovered and how did it become such a staple to the modern world? To help answer these questions, here is a […]