Rubber and Plastic Components for High-Quality Appliances

Developing new home appliances requires reliable and effective plastic and rubber components. At Clark Rubber & Plastic, we provide the necessary components to make your latest appliances lighter, more durable, and water and energy-efficient.

Clark Rubber & Plastic is a world-class rubber and plastics manufacturer with extensive experience as appliance parts manufacturers. We are dedicated to forming long-term partnerships with our clients, so you can have immediate access to skilled and experienced staff on any project.

Appliances that Meet Your Quality Standards

Our custom rubber and plastic products are custom made to provide the high levels of functionality and quality you expect. Our precision plastic injection molding, rubber molding, and plastic extrusion allow us to deliver more durable, efficient, and cost-effective components.

These parts are perfect for use in:

  • Washing machine inlet hoses and assemblies
  • Trim
  • Grommets
  • Gaskets and seals
  • Tubing and cord
  • Sealing systems
  • Vibration control components
  • And much more

At Clark Rubber & Plastic we can produce the components that meet the strict tolerance requirements of your industry. You can develop and manufacture home appliances with elements that can withstand the extreme temperatures and regular – if not constant – usage.

Our Capabilities

The quality of your finished appliances is the sum of the quality of the components you use, so it’s important to never settle for anything less than the best. At Clark Rubber & Plastic, we have a total of 70,000 sq/ft of manufacturing space that is fully stocked with some of the most advanced equipment available to deliver the level of quality you need.

We have received UL certification of compliance for QMFZ2.E356537 Plastics – Component which ensures that your plastic parts comply with the most stringent safety requirements.

We offer short lead times, fast turnarounds, and the operational flexibility to handle short or full production runs, so contact us today to get started.