How Are Rubber Products Used in Our Daily Lives?

We see, feel, and use rubber products now more than ever. Rubber is versatile, resilient, and durable. This makes it an ideal raw material for many products. Through rubber extrusion, rubber assumes the form you desire. At Clark Rubber and Plastic, we create custom rubber extrusion products for different industries. Discover how our rubber products […]

How Are Plastics for the Military Manufactured and Used?

At Clark Rubber and Plastics, we have a proud history of providing parts that can withstand high-stress scenarios. Our team knows plastics need to be of high standards to meet the strict needs of the military and defense industries. Our experience in constantly meeting these requirements makes us one of the top military parts manufacturers. […]

7 Ways The Automotive Industry Uses Plastics

At Clark Rubber and Plastics, we believe world-class automotive plastics help companies like yours have top-quality auto parts. Dependable auto parts can affect a car’s efficiency, while reliably built plastics can impact its performance. Our team has the tools to meet your needs and help you compete in your industry. With our skills and expertise, […]

How Do Auto Manufacturers Use Rubber Molding?

Rubber is a popular material in modern automotive design and is used in different components. At Clark Rubber and Plastic, we offer rubber molding for brakes, transmission systems, engines, steering, ac, clutch assembly, solenoid valves, and more. Rubber components are lightweight and provide shock absorption found across the car. Here are four ways auto manufacturers […]

How Are Rubber Extrusions Made?

Custom rubber extrusion products have various uses in the manufacturing, auto and appliance industries, and various other applications. Each extrusion product bears unique characteristics depending on the quality of the rubber and the extrusion process and devices. So how are extrusions made?  What is Rubber Extrusion? Rubber and plastic extrusions involve turning rubber compounds into […]

Why Is Injection Molding Used for Plastic?

Are you running a plastic manufacturing company? If so, you must have deep knowledge about plastic injection molding. The process produces volumes of plastic parts for solar, auto, and other related industries.  As the word suggests, the process gets molten plastic injected into a mold. The molten plastic then cools to become solid plastic parts. […]

The Design and Importance of Window Glazing Gaskets

Window gaskets are one of those things you don’t miss until it’s gone. They serve an important purpose in cars, windows, solar panels, industrial machines, military equipment, and more. These pieces are made of specially formed rubber materials and installed on stationary edges of glass. As with most specialized rubber parts, one size does not […]

What Goes into the Making of a Solar Panel?

Most consumers look at those solar panels on a home or on a huge solar farm and know that they’re somehow producing energy, but they don’t look much further than that to see everything that goes into making these devices. How are solar panels made? What are they made of? This technology has grown and […]