Rubber & Plastic Products

At Clark Rubber & Plastic, we provide custom extruded rubber and molded plastic products to a wide range of industries, from consumer and solar to military and automotive. We also co-develop material(s) for the Point of Purchase Industry.

We strive to ensure that all the products we provide exceed the customers’ requirements while increasing process throughput and lowering your costs.

Quality is our priority in all these products, which is why we achieved UL certification of compliance for QMFZ2.E356537 Plastics – Component.

Explore some of our products below and discover what we can do for you.

Extruded Plastic Slide-Out Water Management System

Clark’s RV slide-outs are designed to prevent water, air, and other potential contaminants from getting inside the vehicle. This system features an adjustable design for a perfect fit and a one-piece installation. The locking bulb is attached to the channel so it’s easy to slide on the track. This is an extremely effective product for collecting any water that may get past the primary seal and directing it out of the RV.

Check out the complete specifications to find out more.



Plastic Components for the Solar Industry

We manufacture and provide a wide range of plastic and rubber components for use in solar applications, including plastic inserts, electrical coverings, clamp insert assemblies, and more. These are all integral components that help keep out rain and dust while maintaining the structural integrity of the solar equipment.

These plastic components contribute to the efficiency of the solar cells, leading to a longer usable lifespan and reduced costs for the manufacturer.

Clark Rubber & Plastic is committed to its investment in the solar industry.



Get the Products You Need

At Clark Rubber & Plastic, we have extensive capabilities and can produce the quality components and products you need for each of your projects.

On top of the extrusion and molding processes, we use milling, CNC turning, precision machining, and more to deliver quick turnarounds on the highest-quality products.

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