Why You Should Know the Capabilities of Your Plastic Extrusion Company

Before you partner with a plastic extrusion company, it’s important to understand exactly what they can do and how their products and services can support your current project.

Plastic extrusion can produce an extremely wide variety of shapes, forms, and profiles, and you can secure a variety of colors, textures, hardness, and thicknesses. There is, of course, more to it than that. The company that you work with should have the capabilities to deliver the highest-quality results and meet your exact specifications.

Do you need a short run on some extruded components? Do you need products made to some pretty exact tolerances? Maybe you require an extremely large volume of product as soon as possible. Will your manufacturing partner be able to provide everything you need?

Your plastic extrusion company should be able to handle all these requirements and deliver your order with a short turnaround time. This means you will need to know their capabilities before you start your next project.

Clark Rubber & Plastic Facilities

Our first facility for plastic operations was built back in 1997, and since then, we have continued to update our capabilities and adapt the most up-to-date technologies and expand our space. We’ve added 6 new lines and a 40K square-foot facility to ensure we can keep up with the needs of our clients.

We can provide multiple plastic profile extrusions on several types of materials, so they can be put to work in many different applications.

Our Plastic Extrusion Capabilities

Our facilities allow us to constantly improve and add to our capabilities, which means we can offer many extrusions techniques.

We can provide co- and tri-extruding services, which means we can combine two or three materials to take advantage of their properties, and even create products with varying color in a single cross section.

The plastics that go into our extrusion process are all certified materials that meet the tightest tolerance requirements. We can ensure high structural integrity, uniform density, and real durability on everything from small or large solid-cored profiles to tubing and sleeves from military grade materials.

Let’s take a closer look at our plastic profile extrusion capabilities:

  • In-line processes – Fabrication, taping, infrared application
  • Extrusion product form – Solid cored, tubing/sleeves, small to large profiles
  • Extrusion features – military grade, UL approved materials, dual durometer
  • Materials we use – HIPS, Neoprene, ABS, Acrylic, FPBC, polycarbonate, RPVC, and many, many more
  • Additional services – In-house tooling, punching, taping, digital printing, assembly, kitting, and more
  • Quality, testing, and inspections – We use certified materials in our plastic extrusion products, test with durometer gauges, and inspect with optical comparators
  • Lead times – We can provide extremely quick turnarounds
  • Production volume – You can produce prototypes or move into high-level production

Do the Products Meet Your Quality Standards?

You should always expect the manufacturer to consistently meet your quality standards, so it’s important to inspect every order and confirm that you are receiving products with uniform density, consistent coloring, and correct plastic distribution.

Consistency is one of the main ways to judge the capabilities of a plastic extrusion company and determine if you can continue to work with them over an extended time frame.

You can avoid potential problems by working closely with your manufacturing partner to go over your goals and intentions and to set expectations for every order.

Find the Perfect Partner for Plastics

Partnering with the right plastic extrusion company can have a huge impact on the final results of your manufacturing and design processes. Whether you’re making a single order or putting together a long-term arrangement, it’s critical to know and understand your partner’s capabilities.

Contact Clark Rubber & Plastic to get more details on our processes and abilities.