Signs of High-Quality Plastic Extrusions

Partnering with a plastic extrusion company is a serious commitment. Whether it is a single order or a long-term arrangement, it is important to pick a partner who produces quality results at a reasonable price. Many products made with plastic extrusion are buried in automotive products, aerospace machinery, solar industry components, or another high-pressure performance product, so high-quality pieces are important. To understand quality, it is important to first understand the plastic extrusion process.

The Production Process:

While there are various additives that work together to create a different end result, the basic process for plastic extrusion includes these six steps.

  • First Step: Raw thermoplastic pellets are loaded into the machine with any required additives. This helps create a quality construction to the product.
  • Second Step: Pellets are sorted as they move through the machine to ensure the right amount of material in each product.
  • Third Step: High heat is used to gradually melt the plastic pellets for an even result without any burning, then passed through a filter to remove any contaminants.
  • Fourth Step: The melted plastic is forced into the die where it is formed into its final shape. Any faults will result in warping and sub-par results.
  • Fifth Step: The product is passed through water baths to make sure it cools correctly and holds its shape.
  • Sixth Step: This is when any finishing touches and fabrications are added. Some examples are punching, drilling, printing, and adding adhesive, but there are more available for different applications. Some in-line supplementary processes include tubing and sleeves that are made with UL approved materials and military grade dual-durometer products.

Signs of Quality Products

When an order arrives, you should do a quick inspection of the order. Do the pieces all seem to have uniform density, consistent coloring and plastic distribution? Does each individual piece meet the exact specifications that you ordered? If not, you should look for a new plastic extrusion partner who will give your order the attention to detail required for quality products.

Some of the more popular uses for plastic extrusion products are for uses in appliances, solar panels and equipment, and for the automotive and military defense industries. These each have their own requirements for products, but a great plastics partner will match each one. Make sure that there is someone who sits down individually and goes over your needs, goals, and gives a clear quote on the price.

A great company for partnering will always deliver on their promises and have the machinery capabilities to fulfill orders that are high and low volume productions. With high customer service, a plastics company will have an ISO/TS 16949:2009 quality assurance program, which helps you know that you will get exactly what you order.

If you are looking for a high-quality plastic extrusion partner, contact us today. We would love to talk to you about your company’s custom plastic extrusion needs. Our production team is ready to answer any questions you have as well. Let us help you get the products you need for an unmatched quality at a competitive price.