The Uses of Plastic and Rubber Extrusions in the Military

Plastic and rubber extrusion products are commonly used in the military. Defense systems require a lot of different components for various applications. To create both simple and complex parts, the extrusion process is used to meet exact specifications over repeated creations. This is especially important in the military and defense industry.

The Extrusion Process

The process for creating plastic and rubber extrusion parts are different but are ideal for both products. This is because the process helps ensure that products come out the same each time since dies are used in the formation process. With consistent results being produced, mass orders can be fulfilled in less time and with better results than creating each one individually.

During plastic extrusion, the process requires melting plastic first and then forcing it through the die to create a specific shape. The molten plastic cools, becoming a solid form. Machinery then slices the plastic into appropriate lengths to fill the order to exact specifications.

Creating products with rubber extrusion is different because the die is created in a shape with a cross section, forcing the rubber through it. Since the rubber is soft and pliable, the immense pressure shapes the rubber into the appropriate form before it hardens. From there, it can also be cut to meet order specifications.

Plastic has advantages over rubber because it is harder and more rigid. It can withstand colder temperatures and even be recycled. Rubber is better under high temperatures and is lighter than plastic. Each have their own benefits that fit different applications.

Why Plastic and Rubber Extrusion Parts

For defense products, products must meet high standards to make sure that they can meet compliance requirements. With all the regulations that are needed for testing and improving performance, it is important to make sure each piece of every product is up for the task.

Military plastic extrusions and military rubber extrusions, products have unique testing requirements. Pieces must be able to meet rugged demands, such as:

  • withstand extreme temperatures
  • being stored for months at a time without losing function
  • being used every day for prolonged periods of time
  • function under extreme temperatures
  • reliably keep out sand, dust, and mud
  • perform as expected even when in contact with fresh and saltwater

Since defense products help protect soldiers in different life-threatening situations, dependable products are required for these uses.

There are many different areas in the military that use plastic and rubber extrusion products for defense. Some of the parts go to uses in the aerospace, tanks/vehicles, marine, and solar areas of defense. Other applications include insulation for engines, armaments, and munitions.

Quality and Reliability

The most important aspects of creating products for military and defense is that they are high quality and reliable. This all comes down to using cutting-edge equipment for creation, meeting safety requirements, and creating consistent products, each time they are produced. For short lead times, flexibility in operations, and a fast turnaround, it is important to partner with the right company. If you need a quote for your job, let one of our customer service representatives help you today.