Manufacturers around the world

Manufacturers Around the World

Manufacturing is a giant industry with a hand in almost every business sector. While many people will rank the top ten companies in each category, the real manufacturing leaders are spread across different industries. Here are the top 10 manufacturing companies, by revenue, from around the globe.

10. BASF.

As the largest chemical producer in the world, this German company operates on five continents. With a revenue of €57.55 billion ($65.72 billion) in 2016, they are on five different stock exchanges. BASF started out in chemical products like dyes, ammonia, soda, and sulfuric acid, but now manufacture in plastics, biotechnology, oil and gas, and agricultural solutions.

9. IBM.

While headquartered in New York, they have offices all around the world, making them an international manufacturing company. They are best known for computers and processors, but they also are involved in the supporting systems like cloud computing, data, analytics, software, IT infrastructure, and security. They had a revenue of $79.9 billion in 2016.

8. Hitachi.

Located in Japan, Hitachi has many different manufacturing companies and reported a revenue of ¥10.34 trillion (or $88.63 billion) in 2016. Their main areas of expertise are in information, components/devices, construction machinery, and telecommunication systems with a focus in defense systems. They are also considered the most prominent and reliable hard disk manufacturer in the industry and a trusted leader in information storage media. Batteries, LCD screens and other components are also manufactured here.

7. Siemens.

Headquartered in Germany, Siemens in the largest European manufacturing company. Their main manufacturing industry is healthcare, especially medical diagnostic equipment. They also manufacture products that are energy related like power transformers, generators, and turbines for gas, steam, and wind. Siemens and its subsidiaries had a global revenue of about €79.64 billion ($90.94 billion) in 2016.

6. Cardinal Health.

In 2016, this company had a revenue of $121.5 billion for manufacturing and distributing medical and surgical products. Cardinal Health provides items like gloves, apparel, and fluid management products to over 75% of U.S. hospitals. They teamed up in 2013 with CVS to also become the largest generic drug operation.

5. General Electric.

A steady company on the Fortune 500 list, GE had a revenue of $123.7 billion in 2016. Their main manufacturing industry is in energy, including oil, gas, power, lighting, and renewable energy. This branches into appliances, aviation, medical devices, software, automotive, and engineering.

4. Hon Hai Precision Industry.

Also known as Foxconn Technology Group (trading name), this manufacturing company is headquartered in Taiwan and considered the largest contract electronics manufacturer. In 2015, they posted a revenue of $136.12 billion. Some of their most notable customers and products are BlackBerry, Apple products, Kindle, and gaming systems from Nintendo, Playstation, and Xbox.

3. Samsung Electronics.

Located in South Korea, this company has a strong focus on electronics in different areas. Cellphones, tablets, and other devices are their most well-known products for, but they also manufacture components like lithium-ion batteries, chips, hard drive and memory devices. Their 2016 revenue was ₩201.87 trillion ($174.5 billion).

2. Daimler.

In 2016, Daimler posted a revenue of €153.26 billion ($175.1 billion), selling 3 million vehicles. Headquartered in Germany, they are considered the world’s largest truck manufacturer. Some of the brands owned or partially owned through shares include Mercedes-Benz, Detroit Diesel, Thomas Built Buses, and Mitsubishi Fuso.

1. Volkswagen Group.

This German manufacturer became the world’s largest automaker in 2016 when they overtook Toyota, based on sales with a revenue of €217.267 billion ($248.2 billion). There are many companies that sell under the Volkswagen Group umbrella, with the most well-known brands being Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, and Ducati. Much of the company’s success has come from adapting with changes in engineering, including their most recent goal to offer more electric of plug-in hybrid models by 2020.

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