The Design and Importance of Window Glazing Gaskets

Window gaskets are one of those things you don’t miss until it’s gone. They serve an important purpose in cars, windows, solar panels, industrial machines, military equipment, and more. These pieces are made of specially formed rubber materials and installed on stationary edges of glass.

As with most specialized rubber parts, one size does not fit all. There are three important glass measurements that ensure the best fit: the glass thickness, length, and gasket length. There are also foam profiles to consider, such as D-shapes, C-channels, U-channels, and specific forms of glazing seals.

Performance and Energy Efficiency

Using the right glazes and rubber parts is required for performing their base function of shedding and draining water, supporting the pressure points of the glass, and seal against air and water leaks. The main benefit this provides is better performance of glass and increasing energy efficiency.

Whether it is a building, piece of equipment, automotive or aeronautics vehicle, preventing air and water leaks better for proper insulation. This is especially important for thermal insulation in the solar industry.

Preventing leaks is more than just protecting important motorized equipment, though it is that. Leaks increase drag that decreases efficiency in moving parts as well. For military aircrafts and cars, leaking air can create small slow downs that create big impacts.

Proper Production and Installation Processes

Creating the right window glazed gasket means following the right process. Temperature is an important factor in creating the right fit and matching the gasket to its location. Since rubber, metals, and plastics change in heat and cold, it is vital to have materials that perform in the expected temperature ranges.

The best way to prevent major problems is to create shorter pieces and join them with expansion joints. Using a double glazing window gasket when appropriate can also increase the life and performance of window glazing seals.

Using the right materials to seal and install window glazing gaskets is also important. The glazing is an important consideration to optimizing function of the gaskets. Using the right adhesive for the adhesion and sealants, such as wet, dry, or wet to dry is important to preventing gasket failure in the future. Use the best cleaning products to keep the areas free of debris and build up.

It is important to note that deteriorating gaskets are not necessarily a sign that the entire glass unit needs to be replaced. Sometimes the gaskets have had a small leak rom an impact or chip and start to deteriorate. Instead of spending the cost to replace the entire unit, sometimes just the gaskets can be replaced to fix the problem. This option depends on the age and condition of the glass and surrounding materials.

Getting the Right Fit

If you need window glazing gaskets, Clark Rubber and Plastics is equipped to help. We are experts at creating custom rubber extrusion and molding and plastic extrusion products. Send us the measurements for the products you need, and we can create the perfect fit for your project. Contact us today to request a quote for your window glazing gasket needs.