Our Capabilities

Clark Rubber & Plastic has state-of-the-art equipment to produce its own tooling which allows for quick turnaround timing and a very low cost.


Extrusion Crosshead for Coating and Non-Stretch

The crosshead extrusion process is used when we produce parts that require reinforcement or encapsulation. The process involves running a substrate through a 90-degree crosshead while simultaneously extruding a coating over it. This coating adds a strong and durable finish over the material, ensuring that it is prepared for the final applications. What are the […]

Heat Activated Tape Systems (HATS)

This adhesive is tack-free until it is activated by a heat source. This creates an incredibly strong bond, but only when you’re completely ready for it to cure in place. It won’t stick where it isn’t supposed to, which reduces mistakes and increases efficiencies throughout the production process. Why Use HATS? This type of tape […]

Consumer Products Made with Top-Quality Plastic and Rubber

High-quality, precisely manufactured plastic and rubber components will have a large impact on the final design, durability, and profitability of a wide range of consumer products. At Clark Rubber & Plastic, we deliver the parts and components you require to meet the needs of the end consumer. Whether you are providing high-end electronics or large […]

Plastic and Rubber Production for the Military and Defense Industries

Rubber and plastic components for military and defense applications must be made to the highest standards and meet a wide and very strict range of specifications. At Clark Rubber & Plastic, we have an extensive history working on projects that can stand up to severely rugged demands and meet any regularly compliance issues. Clark Rubber […]

Automotive Plastic and Rubber Components

Precisely manufactured rubber and plastic automotive products and components have a huge impact on the final performance of the machine. Reliable seals, gaskets, and other parts can affect the efficiency of the automobile, and you can meet the high demand and expectations in this industry when you work with a skilled and experienced manufacturing partner. […]

Rubber and Plastic Components for High-Quality Appliances

Developing new home appliances requires reliable and effective plastic and rubber components. At Clark Rubber & Plastic, we provide the necessary components to make your latest appliances lighter, more durable, and water and energy efficient. Clark Rubber & Plastic is a world-class rubber and plastics manufacturer with extensive experience in the appliances industry. We are […]

Plastic Extrusion Services

At Clark Rubber & Plastic, we offer plastic extrusion services and are well-equipped and ready to produce profiles, shapes, and forms with varying thicknesses, hardness, colors, and textures. Since we built our first facility dedicated to plastic operations in 1997, we have consistently innovated new solutions that push the boundaries of modern extrusion technology to tackle […]

Plastic and Rubber Components for the Solar Industry

  Manufacturing products in the solar industry has a number of unique demands and requirements that must be met before those products can go to market. This process can be met simply when you have a manufacturing partner who can provide the quality and quantity of components that you need. The demand for alternative energies […]

Precision Die Cutting Services

Clark Rubber & Plastic offers a wide range of precision die cutting services, and we are committed to bringing the highest level of quality and customer service to every project. Our experienced staff will leverage our advanced equipment to deliver the best punch press, rotary, and steel rule die cutting configuration for your product. We […]

Precision Plastic Injection Molding Services

When your next project calls for custom plastic injection molded parts, Clark Rubber & Plastics is a name you can trust. We produce an enormous range of injection molded products and components for customers across a broad range of industries. For projects of any size or complexity, we forge a partnership with our customers, who […]

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